Q: What precautions should I take when using CG 210™

A: Do not simply spray CG 210™ onto your hair – the essence has to reach the scalp. Refrain from washing your hair after application.To maximise the effects of CG 210™, follow application instructions strictly.For more information, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Q: How frequently should I use CG 210™?

A: It is recommended to apply CG 210™ twice daily - in the morning and at night.

Q: How many sprays do I need per application?

A: It is recommended apply 10 sprays per application, especially when you are starting the usage for the first 3 months.

Q: When should I apply CG 210™ to my hair?

A: You can apply CG 210™ whether your hair is dry or wet.It is important to apply it directly onto your scalp with the cannula and lightly massage the applied area for better absorption.

Q: Will using CG 210™ affect my hairstyle?

A: No. It would not affect your hairstyle if it is correctly applied onto your scalp.

Q: Where is CG 210™ manufactured?

A: It is made in France.

Q: When can I see the difference after using CG 210™?

A: CG 210™’s time to effect varies between individuals. Typically, you should start seeing significant results after 44 days.1

Q: When can I stop using CG 210TM?

A: If you are suffering from severe hair loss that is hereditary or genetic in nature, continued use of CG 210™ helps to reduce hair shedding and maintain hair volume.If you are affected by severe hair loss from pregnancy, stress or other external factors, you may stop using CG 210TM once you have recovered.

Q: Where to buy CG 210TM?

A: CG 210TM is available in selected private hospitals, clinics and all leading pharmacies.

1. ACEPA 3 – Assessment of effectiveness of a capillary treatment for hair loss under normal conditions for 12 weeks, by the phototrichogram method – Anne Casoli, M.D. -2007- Institute Dermatologique d’Aquitaine, Martilac, France.