Options for proper hair care

3 natural options for proper hair care

Are you seeing more hair in your brush than usual? Is your hair getting thinner? Get here 3 natural hair care tips that we have compiled for you!

Foods for healthy hair

Top 8 foods to have healthy hair

Do you wish you can wake up in the morning having instant, new healthy hair? Healthy hair renewal is not something you can achieve in a matter of minutes.

Scalp essence to reduce hair loss

Why you need a scalp essence to reduce your hair loss

Thanks to science and technology, there are many hair products in Malaysia providing proper hair care to men and women who suffer from poor hair growth.

What hair loss options should you be using?

Many who suffer from hair loss in Malaysia wonder what hair loss options are there. Here are 5 hair loss solutions for different hair fall situations.

Hair management for pregnancy hair loss

Are you experiencing hair fall problem following your pregnancy? There’s no need to worry because it’s normal and pretty much temporary like any other changes you undergo during your pregnancy. 

Early signs of hair loss for men and women explained

One thing about hair loss is that you cannot really predict when it will happen to you. It is not just something you acquire from old age because there are several other factors that can cause hair loss.

Learn how to prevent, stop and or regrow a receding hairline

Facing hair fall problem? It may start with just a couple of hair strands that fall out, until there it is, you have a receding hairline.

Know these effective hair loss solutions

We are giving you these hair loss solutions to bring back your healthy scalp, for a healthier hair too.

Consume healthy food for a healthier and thicker hair

Consume healthy food for a healthier and thicker hair

Keep in mind to consume these foods we have listed to help give you a healthy, thicker hair.

How to prevent hair care from leading to hair damage

be aware that too much styling or improper use of styling tools and hair care techniques can damage your hair.

Yoga poses that help reduce hair loss

You may have read about yoga being helpful to keep your body strong and to keep fats from building up, but yoga to reduce hair loss

The proper hair loss management women should follow

Choosing the right product and making sure you follow the proper hair loss management tips will give you a chance to have healthy hair again.

Hair Care, CG210 Malaysia

Nutrients you need for the proper hair care in maintaining a healthy long hair

Do you want to know the secret to having healthy, beautiful hair? Read more...

Male pattern baldness, Abbott CG210™ Malaysia

What causes male pattern baldness and the solution to it

Male pattern baldness is a common type of hair loss men suffer from. Click here to read more!

Receding Hairline

How to cope with having a receding hairline?

So whether you know someone or you yourself are suffering from a receding hairline or any type of hair loss, read on our article for more understanding!

Some common and not-so-common hair loss causes you might not be aware of

Hair loss is more common for men because of Male Pattern Baldness but that doesn’t mean women are not suffering and searching for any hair loss solutions out there.

Have renewal of healthy hair with these natural ways

Does caring for your hair make you broke? Does it make you sacrifice spending on other things like maybe shopping for a good pair of heels or buying that dress that fits perfectly on you?  

Know what to look for in hair products to prevent hair fall

Read on this to see the explaination what type of hair products can help you with your hair fall and make it healthy and manageable at the same time! 

Spinach, Hair Fall Management, Abbott CG210™

Hair fall management solution you can find in your very own kitchen

The best hair fall management you can try is to start eating healthy. Read here to find out more.

New healthy hair product

New healthy hair product plus best kept hair secrets to make your mank strong and beautiful

Having a healthy hair is a combination of following hair care tips and using new healthy hair product. Keep them both and you can say hello to your new healthy hair in no time!

Hair care tips, hair dryer

Hair care tips you should definitely follow

From everyday elements that you need to protect your hair from, to consuming the right nutrients, we reveal some of the hair care tips you should be doing

Some natural remedies to reduce hair loss

Hair loss is something that a lot of people suffer from. Men, women, Asian, Caucasian, whatever race they have, they can easily be a victim of hair loss.

Best kept hair care tips for a healthier mane

Having healthy hair isn’t an easy task to manage especially when it is exposed to a lot of damaging factors every day. But you won’t just let go of your beautiful hair, right? 

Thicker Hair, CG210 Malaysia

Hair Care in Malaysia suited for the humid weather

Hair care alone is no piece of cake, what more if you’re living in a country with humid weather? Humidity adds dryness and frizz to your hair, which makes hair care in Malaysia a bit difficult to follow through. 


Hair Fall Problem, CG210

How these hair loss solutions can change your life

Stressing out searching for your hair loss solution? Better stop now if you don’t want to further intensify your problem. Don’t worry because you’re not alone. 

Receding Hairline, CG210 Abbott

A receding hairline doesn't mean the end of the world

What will you do if one day, you look at yourself in the mirror and see a receding hairline? Do you freak out? It’s normal if you do. But don’t stress out too much, as emotional stress is one of the hair loss causes. 

Beauty Hair, CG210 Abbott

Thicker hair is a few steps away!

Healthy hair is one that has volume and life. Having thin hair makes it look dull and limp, and you wouldn’t want that, do you? Thicker hair will give you more volume, and styling would be so much better.

Hair Loss Remedy, CG210 Abbott

Hair loss remedies you can do at home

Anyone who has strong, luscious hair is considered to have a healthy hair. And though some might say maintaining a healthy hair is a lot of work, it is not always the case. 

Reduce Hair Loss, CG210 Abbott

Deal with your receding hairline like a boss

Part of life is getting older, and for some, dealing with a receding hairline comes with the package. And no matter how much you wish it would go away, it just doesn’t work that way. 

Healthy hair renewal

These healthy hair renewal tips will make your hair as beautiful as ever

Hair loss causes are everywhere. A lot of factors in your everyday living can make your hair dry and frizzy, making it more prone to hair loss. 

Hair Care Management, CG210 Abbott

Some hair management tips to keep your hair looking fabulous this new year!

It’s a new year and it’s time to step up your A game when it comes to hair management to maintain gorgeous, healthy hair. 

Hair Product | Abbott CG210™

Choosing the right hair product can help you have healthy hair

Hair care is a tricky thing, especially if you deal with your hair management at home. Ever looked at your hair and wonder what is it you are doing wrong? Well, here’s a public secret. 

Hair Loss

Learn the most effective remedies for hair loss

The dreaded scenario: You wake up one morning, you brush your hair, and next thing you know, you find clumps of hair stuck to your brush, and your floor littered with strands and strands of hair. 

Hair Care Tips

Hair care tips you need to achieve luscious locks!

Thick, luscious, locks of hair, the aspirations of many men and women around the world. Hair care is something many people struggle with. 

Top 5 hair causes, and how to avoid them.

Top 5 hair causes, and how to avoid them.

The scariest thing about hair loss is how unpredictable it can be. It could slowly set in, or you could run your hair through your fingers one day and find you have a clump of hair in your hand.

Renewal of Healthy Hair

Follow these simple rules for effective healthy hair renewal

Remember Rapunzel? With her long beautiful hair? Have you ever wondered how Rapunzel had hair so strong and healthy that it could support the weight of the witch as well as the prince?

Receding Hairline

Myth or Fact? What really causes a receding hairline

‘Hair Loss’, two words the strongest of men, or even the most beautiful woman, will cringe at the sound of.  We go through so much to avoid a receding hairline, finding out the causes and the best solutions for them.

Hair shedding

3 homemade recipes to reduce hair shedding.

You wake up in the morning and you find your hair shedding, it’s not an unusual sight, you’ve seen your hair shedding before. 


Who says your hair needs to be thick for gorgeous hairstyles!

To have thick hair and be able to style your hair to the latest hairstyles is something most people hope for. However, when you are struggling with scalp problems, hair fall and thinning hair the hope diminishes.

Hair growth

5 Steps to Healthier Hair Growth!

Healthy hair is something most of us strive for, but with so many different types of solutions out there, how would one know which hair growth tips really work? 


Hair Care

Simple hair care tips to battle hair loss

One two three four, watching all your hair fall. Five six seven eight, grow your hair at a fast rate.

Hair Fall

Hair fall management tips you need to know

Mankind have faced many obstacles since the dawn of time, and we have persevered! However, the one thing that still gets to almost all of us is the unpopular phenomena of hair fall. 


Three trending hairstyles for women that could be your next pick!

Many women want to take that leap of faith when changing hairstyles. Still, there are way too many options and considerations.

Hair Care

5 hair care tips after colour treatment

Colouring your hair is a bold move that can change your entire look! As exciting as it may seem, hair colouring may dry your hair or even cause hair thinning due to excessive damage.

Hair Product

5 Healthy Haircare Products You Should Be Using

There are many hair products that can cause extensive hair damage when used improperly. 

Hair Loss

6 popular myths about hair loss debunked

Somewhere along the way, we unfailingly believed that hair loss can only happen to older men and women. And then, news flash: hair loss is something that can happen to anyone at any stage of their lives.

Hair care

Top 4 essential vitamins and minerals for hair care

Many people consider hair as their crowning glory, which is why some go to salons on a regular basis for hair care. 

Hair Shedding

Possible relation between stress and hair shedding among men and women

For years, many have associated stress with hair shedding. But what is it really that makes these two inter-related? Continue reading to find out the real deal with stress and hair shedding.

Hair Care

Breaking Bad Habits: Things you do but actually shouldn't do to your hair

In trying to keep our hair thick and bouncy, we sometimes do more damage than good to it. 

hair loss causes | Abbott CG210™

The 3 most common hair loss causes and how to fight them

Most of us normally experience 50-100 strands of hair fall every day, and that is not something to fret about because this doesn’t cause noticeable thinning hair because new healthy hair is growing at the same time. 

Effective hair product for your balding hair | Abbott CG210™

Tips for finding an effective hair product for your balding hair

Let’s admit it – hair loss can be an upsetting dilemma for both men and women. Aside from the feeling of unattractiveness, it can actually cause a lot of mental issues, and individuals who suffer from it may feel anxiety, low self-esteem or even depression.